August 15, 2015
Africa Needs Partnership, Not Handouts

Africa Needs Partnership, Not Handouts

His Majesty Drolor’s provoking and inspiring speech to the World Public Forum centered on “Africa Needs Partnership, Not Hand-outs.He stressed that the continent is well aware of her present challenges and problems such as high mortality rates, malnutrition, labor migration, and “brain drain” and is prepared to take leadership in finding lasting solutions. He reminded forum delegates that Africa continues to contribute immensely to the world through her natural resources, often without equal return. Consequently, Africa should not be treated as a charity case, always with her hands out, but as an equal partner. The world powers should take Africa seriously and negotiate fairly with her, considering the future of African citizens. His Majesty proposed a collaborative effort where there is mutual respect and accountability, resulting in a win-win situation and most importantly, measurable results. In light of a global economic crisis whose impact has been amplified in Africa, he called for a greater sense of commitment to task and follow-through rather than promises with good intentions.

His Majesty is The SUAPOLOR of the Se (Shai) Traditional Area in Ghana, West Africa. A strong advocate for peace, progress and development, he is also an international adviser, author, humanitarian, and minister. His counsel, wisdom, spiritual insight and leadership are often sought after by global leaders. He is the Founder and Chairman of Life for Africa. His Majesty holds doctorates in Philosophy and Theology and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Social Justice Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He is a member of the distinguished University of Oxford Round Table.

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