Transformational Leadership

King Adamtey has emerged as a transformational world leader in today’s modern society. Because of increasing political, economic, and social unrest, leaders from nations around the world seek counsel with His Royal Majesty Drolor Bosso Adamtey I (also known in private life as Dr. Kingsley Fletcher) on issues of growing global concern. 

King Adamtey I is well-known as a strategic leader, business executive & advisor, minister, educator, humanitarian. He contributes in the areas of strategic leadership, international relations, conflict resolution, social justice, modern trends, emerging markets and African economic development.

A positive thinker and motivator, King Adamtey views social problems as “challenges” waiting for the right moment in time to be solved. A dynamic motivational speaker and relationship builder, His Royal Majesty believes that, “If you inspire others, they will motivate themselves.” King Adamtey acknowledges his ability to motivate people from diverse cultures to work together toward conflict resolutions, as an undeniable gift from God.

 “I am a God-made man, not a self-made man. I am fulfilling my God-given destiny to make a positive contribution to this world. From the time I was a little boy, I knew that I was called by God to not only preach the gospel, but to do everything humanly possible to help improve the lives of my people and others around the world.”  

He served from 1999-2000 as Special Advisor to the Assistant Secretary General and Director of the United Nations Development Programme- Africa.  As a strong advocate for the accelerated development of Africa, HRM King Adamtey I (Prof. Kingsley Fletcher) is credited with the phrase “Africa Needs Partnerships, Not Handouts”.

He serves as Chairman to a number of international organizations including Global Forum For Women EntrepreneursGlobal Leaders Center, First Group (Ghana) & FirstBanc Financial Services (Ghana), Fortiz (GH), Fletcher International Services, Royal One Media (US/Ghana), Sovereign Microfinance Ghana, & Former Chairman of TV3 (Ghana).