The compelling drive to improve the lives of his people, led King Adamtey to assume his birthright as an African monarch of the Se (Shai) State of Ghana, West Africa.   King Adamtey was born one of nine children to Nene Agidi I and Lady Esther Victoria, a family of royal lineage through both parents’ ancestry.  Because of his understanding of world political affairs, conflict resolution and unique ability to transcend cultural diversities,  His Royal Majesty, Drolor Bosso Adamtey I was selected by his people to be given the title: SUAPOLOR of the SE (Shai) Traditional Area Ghana, West Africa.  The title, Suapolor means “pathfinder, waymaker”.  

On August 10, 1999, King Adamtey was coronated SE’s first Noyam Matse (King of Progress and Development) for Se (Shai) State, Ghana. This was the first time in history that all of the traditional Kings nominated one King to lead them and the SE people into holistic progress and development.  With royal lineage from both sides – his late father the Weku-Matse, Nene Martey Agidi III of the Se Kingdom and his mother, from the line of the kingmakers (Gyasse) of the Se Kingdom, Drolor Bosso Adamtey I accepted his mandate to lead the SE people in peace, progress and sustainable development.  His responsibilities include providing visionary leadership to the Council of King’s through strategy building aiming to positively affect the lives of the Se (Shai) people locally and globally.  King Adamtey represents the Se (Shai) Traditional Council in multiple areas including, but not limited to government negotiations, land acquisition, sand, gravel, and quarry operations.  

Through the early history of colonialism in Africa and after, the Se People among many, endured very harsh ethnic discrimination, inequitable distribution of resources and internal displacement from their ancestral land.  Part of King Adamtey’s vision is to enhance the potential of the Se State so she may tangibly contribute to the collective development of Ghana.

Bishop TD Jakes of the U.S. was among the dignitaries and the Keynote Speaker at the coronation service, which was held in Accra, Ghana.

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